3D Printers

Afinia H-Series: The Afinia is a very approachable, small-volume printer that uses ABS plastic filament. It is capable of producing lovely models requiring a minimum of finishing. ABS plastic is very rigid, and prints made with it are general strong. However, ABS always shrinks as it cools (about 2%), so keep the printer door shut, and remember to heat the bed before you start. Faulty prints can sometimes be improved by adding hold-down discs to your model.

Ultimaker Original+Prints in PLA (polylactic acid), a corn-based biodegradable plastic. The Ultimaker is capable of great prints, but requires a lot of adjustment and babysitting. This printer was assembled by a student group as a kickoff project for Studio M.

Makerbot Fifth Generation: These two printers are the workhorses at in the Studio. They are built to use PLA plastic. They offer a large print volume, removable glass print bed, great print resolution, and automated features that simplify tedious tasks like bed leveling.

3D Scanners

Matter & Form portable 3D scanner: The newest arrival at Studio M, this scanner allows us to digitize small physical objects and then, with touch up in your preferred software, reproduce them on any standard 3D scanner.